20 December 2013

Review: Strip It with Bloop Cosmetics Nail It Strips For Your Finger & Toes!!!

Hello my dear readers!

Today I'm doing something special which will be reviewing the Bloop Nail It Strips for your fingernails & toenails.

Look! Don't they look cool & funky...
 Bloop Nail It Strips For The Fingernails
 Bloop Nail It Strips For The Toenails

As you can see, the nail strips comes in different sizes to fit onto your nails. Each pack of Bloop Nail It Strips comes with a mini nail file too!
Bloop Nail It Strips For The Fingernails (Inside packaging)
Bloop Nail It Strips For The Toenails (Inside packaging)

Illustrated instructions at the back of the packaging.
 For the Fingernails!
For the Toenails!

Now...let's do this!!! =D

I will be showing you a Step-By-Step picture how to use the Toenails Strips.
 Remove the transparent sheet
 Peel off the nail strip, align it nicely & place it onto your nail
 Get your nail file ready!
 You will have an excess of nail strip on the end of your nails. Fold it over the edges and gently file it with the nail file provided in a downward motion
 First Toe is done...Move on with the others!
 Voila! Right Side done! Continue with the Left Side!
Left Side done too! =D

How does it look?

I did use the Nail It Strips for my fingernails too! And this is the outcome!
Not bad at all right!

How To Use:
  1. Make sure your toenails are clean before using the Nail It Strips. An effective way to keep your toenails clean is by using nail polish remover.
  2. Choose the best toenails strip size for your toenails. (Tips: If the nail strip is too big, you can trim off the excess with a pair if scissors.)
  3. Remove the transparent sheet.
  4. Peel off the nail strip, align it nicely & place it onto your toenails. (Tip: The rounded end of the nail strip should be facing the cuticle.)
  5. Rub the nail strip over the toenails starting from the center then gently rub the sides.
  6. You will have an excess of nail strip on the end of your toenails. Fold it over the edges and gently file it with the nail file provided in a downward motion.
  7. You can smooth your toenails to remove any air bubbles.
  8. If you want your nail strip to last longer, the tips is to seal it with a layer of top coat nail polish.
  9. Voila! All done & you're ready to party! =D
Final verdict:
  1. It was my first time using a nail strip & I find it very easy to use. No hassle at all.
  2. It is fast! You can get your nails done within minutes. No drying or waiting time needed!
  3. It is made to be thin so that your nails can breath.
  4. Top coat is not necessary because mine lasted for a week and still counting. It does last long!
  5. It is very fashionable. You can change any design or pattern of your choice anytime and anywhere. 
You can get the Bloop Nail it Strips at Hishop for RM38.00 for a set of 3 different designs. There are so many variant designs to choose from.

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Lastly a special discount for my lovely readers.

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Discount Code: BLOOPNAILS
Redeemable against purchases worth RM99 and above

I hope this review has been helpful to you all!

I'd love to hear about your experiences with the wraps as well if you do decide to get some. I recommend it!

Till then. 

**Product was provided from Hishop & Bloop for review purposes. Thoughts & opinions are based on bloggers own.


  1. Wow, your toenails are really nicely-shaped, and you applied them perfectly! :D

    1. Hi Laura, it's pretty easy to apply & I love the outcome! I cheated a little & use nail clippers too! =P

  2. look nice hehe.. :D for me will be lazy use stick on because has to cut them. :(

    1. Hi Sherry, thank u for the compliments. Actually quite easy to use...Go try! I recommend it. Later get many compliements. ;-)

  3. You did an amazing job with the review and tutorial love the manipedi on both. Welcome to join my giveaway.

    1. Hi Jackie, thank u. I love the nail strips on my toes more! Sure, i will check out your blog fir the giveaway son. =)

  4. Great step-by-step, Nadia. I've never tried nail strips before but you make it look so easy. Thanks for this. Are they also easy to remove?

    1. Hi ShopGirl, it's my first time trying on nail strips & I just can't help falling in love with it. It's really easy to use.
      It can last quite long. If you want to remove it, just dip your nails in warm water & peel off. If you had applied top coat, remove it with nail polish remover first & dip your nails in warm water to peel off the nail strip.

  5. Thanks for the tutorial! It really helpful :)
    I bought nail strips few weeks back but can't do it as neat as yours

    check my blog too?

    1. Hi Michelle, You're welcome!
      Practice makes perfect & another tip I used nail clippers too. So I cheated! Hehe =P

  6. Can you believe I have never use them?
    I´m really looking for it!

    1. Hi Diana, go try! It's fun & a new way to dress up your nail =D

  7. looks great :)

  8. Looks fantastic!! tried it with another brand but they dont turn out as neat to me....

    followed you via Gfc hope you can follow me back too :)xx

    1. Hi Raye, maybe you need a bit more practice to master it.
      I could not find your name on GFC dear.
      How to follow u? I did not see any GFC on your blog. =(

  9. Replies
    1. Hi Danielle, thank you! I think that it looks awesome too! =)


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