04 April 2014

Review: Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner Pen

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How have you all been doing? 

It's been a month since I stopped blogging due to the passing of my Great-Grandmother, a newest addition to the family & I've also turned a year older . It's been pretty hectic situation for me during the month of March 2014. There have been ups & downs & I know that April will be better. =)

Today I want to review the Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner Pen

To be honest, I'm would always prefer a liquid eyeliner than a gel or pencil type eyeliner. The reason is I always turn out to be a panda only after few hours of application. How shameful right??? It's those oily eyelids that is the problem.

The Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner Pen is claimed to be waterproof, anti-oil & has a concentrated color. Well, I'm a bit skeptical but let's check it out & see if it is what it claims. =)

The Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner Pen is packaged in a box with a combination of Light Pink & Black colour. While you open the box, the eyeliner itself is designed in Light Pink & Black colour too! Isn't it lovely & super girly... and I love the colour Pink!
Courtesy from Natta Cosme, I got a chance to review 01 Night Black & 03 Choco Brown.
It comes in 4 different colours. 
  • 01 Night Black
  • 02 Galacy Black
  • 03 Choco Brown
  • 04 Golden Brown

 (Left) 01 Night Black, (Right) 03 Choco Brown
 Ingredients of the Product
 Description & Instruction on how to use the Eyeliner
Swatches: (Top) 03 Choco Brown, (Bottom) 01 Night Black
 (Left) 03 Choco Brown, (Right) 01 Night Black
01 Night Black
03 Choco Brown
My Look

Final Verdict: 
  1. I love that the eyeliner can be gripped easily with your hand making it easy to draw soft smooth strokes.
  2. The colours of the eyeliner are highly intense & concentrated. 
  3. It is waterproof, oil proof & does not smudge. It is very impressive to me. Even my oily eyelids can make it last a whole day. In the future, I won't be embarrased & look like I've drawn panda eye make up anymore!  =)
  4. It is perfect for beginners who want to master perfect & precise eye make up. 
  5. It is cheap & affordable too! It's definitely going to be my favourite eyeliner now. =)
Wondering where to get your hands on Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner Pen?

More Info:
Name Of Product: Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner Pen
Weight: 1.5g
Price: RM24.90 (Normal Price: RM34.90)
Where to Buy: Natta Cosme
Country Of Origin: Taiwan

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Do let me know what you think about this eyeliner in the comment box below.

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**Product was provided from Natta Cosme for review purposes. Thoughts & opinions are based on bloggers own. 

17 February 2014

Review: Fusion Beauty Ultraflesh Shine Box Highlight & Shimmer Collection Kit

Hello there!

I want to wish Happy belated Valentine's Day to all of my dear readers.

Today I am going to review the Ultraflesh Shine Box Highlight & Shimmer Collection Kit by Fusion Beauty. I have not used a Highlighter before so this will be my first encounter & impression on this Highlighter kit.

 Description of the products included in various language
Ingredients of the Product

You can see that the box design looks mysterious coloured in Purple & Black. This compact Ultraflesh Shine Box has 3 layers & it can be slide into 360 degrees. It comes in 5 colours which includes the 2x All Over Highlighter, 2x All Over Shimmer & 1x All Over Enhancer. It can be used on the eyes, lips and cheeks. 

The first layer is the Enhancer Powder. The shade is bronze in colour while swatched on my skin. It is pigmented, really pretty & shimmery too. It can be used as an eyeshadow for the eyes or a blush for the cheeks.

The second layer are the Cream Shimmers. The left shade will create a yellow undertone while the other shade on the right will create a pink undertone on my skin. It's glossy & these can be used as an eyeshadow. It's a shame that I can't wear cream eyeshadow for long hours because they will melt on my eyes due to oily eyelids. =*(

Swatches On My Wrist... Aren't the colours lovely???

The third layer are the Highlighter Eyeliner. The shades are Secret Shimmer and Nude Shimmer. You can apply these on the inner corner of the eyelids. I find that the texture of the eyeliners are creamy & easily broken or bendable. I opened the eyeliner cover with normal strength & broke the top part of my pencil. =(

Swatches On My Hand

Final Verdict:
  1. I think that it's a great kit. The colours of each shade are simply gorgeous!
  2. It is travel friendly & I love the packaging. So unique & creative!
  3. The pencil Highlighter Eyeliner is easily broken & bendable. My Nude Shimmer pencil broke at the tip. The Highlighter Eyeliner are also a bit small for my hands to grip. If it was a bit bigger it would be perfect! =)
Wondering where did I get my Fusion Beauty Ultraflesh Shine Box Highlight & Shimmer Collection Kit?

You can get it at for the price of RM107.00. The are having a promotion right now while the normal price was RM130.50 (18% discount savings). So if you love this kit better grab the discount price now. =)

Have you heard of is the largest online discount wholesaler & beauty store in makeup, perfume, skin care and hair care. They provide more than 30,000 products from 600 + brands such as Chanel, Christian Dior, Guerlain, Estee Lauder, Shiseido with discounts up to 60% off. They also offer FREE shipping on all orders to ANYWHERE in the world.

You can follow Facebook Page for more details & updates on their daily promotions.

I hope that you enjoyed reading.

Let me know what you think of this Fusion Beauty Ultraflesh Shine Box Highlight & Shimmer Collection Kit in the comments below. =)

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**Products was provided by for reviewing purposes. Thoughts & opinions are based on bloggers own.

11 February 2014

Make Up Expiry Date: How Well Do You Know About It???

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How have your Chinese New Year's holidays been? Did you enjoyed spending some quality time with your family & friends? =)

Today I want to share with you on the shelf-life your of your make up.

Have you ever wondered how long is the life-span of your make up stash on your beauty table/ drawer? We all know that make up won't last forever and each and every consumer product should have an expiry date... So, the question is...How long can they last???

Well, if you don't know already, I'm glad to share this knowledge with you about the signs when your make up is nearing it's expiry date. 

Mascara: Up to 3-4 months. If you notice that your mascara has hardened or your lashes becomes clumpy after applying the mascara, then it's time to throw it into the bin. Never share your mascara with your friends or family as your mascara will be contaminated and it can spread germs and other infections.

Liquid Eyeliner: Up to 3-4 months. 

Pencil Eyeliner:  Up to 2 years. Sharpen them before each use is a way to preserve them and keep them clean and free from germs. 

Body Lotion: Up to 2 years. Should there be a funny scent or a colour change in your lotion, then it means that it's time is due.

Liquid Foundation/ Concealer: From 6-12 months. If you see an extra layer accumulated in the bottle, It's telling you that it's the right time to buy a new one! 

Lipstick: Up to 2 years. Check to see if your lipstick becomes dry, has a difference in smell, colour or taste, then you will know it's expiry is near.

Lipgloss: Up to 1 year. If your Lipgloss becomes sticky or slimy, then it's bad. Time to throw it away! 

Cream Eyeshadow/ Cream Blush: From 6-12 months. 

Blush/ Eyeshadow/ Powder: Up to 1- 2 years. An extra dry & flaky powder/ blush/ eyeshadow is a sign that it has expired.

Perfumes: Up to 2-5 years. An acidic, vinegar-like smell is a sign that your perfume should be tossed in the bin. To make your perfume last longer, store it in a cool, dry and dark place instead of displaying it on your beauty table.

Nail Polish: Up to 1 year. A thick liquid that will not mix well after shaking is a sign that it has expired. You can mix it with a little nail polish remover to thin it out so that it can be used again.

Make Up Brushes: Keep your make up brushes clean by washing them with mild detergent once or twice a month.

How you handle your makeup in general can also affect its shelf life. If you want your make up to last long, just store them in a cool, dark and dry place. Never ever let the sun catch a glimpse of your make up.'s time to toss them into the rubbish bin.

That's all for now...Till then...

24 January 2014

Review: Cerro Qreen Makeup Brush Set For Starters

Hello there! 

I'm here with another review of my very first brush set. I do own some individual brushes but not in a complete set as these beautiful purple brushes. A big shout out to thank Natta Cosme, I have the opportunity to own these Cerro Qreen 7 Piece Brush set in Purple Colour. 
 Box Received from Natta Cosme
 Intro on Cerro Qreen Makeup Brush Set
 Cerro Qreen Makeup Brush Set with a Ferrero Rocher Chocolate
"Did you know that Cerro Qreen is a professional cosmetics tool brand from US? Their make up brushes are made of a composition of animal hair with synthetic fibre thus it gives the brushes a gentle and smooth texture. "

"Cerro Qreen is a popular brand amongst many professional make up artist, best known for its high quality products and reasonable price. Their brand is well established in the US with many years of experience in making professional make up tools. Cerro Qreen is definitely your choice of make up brushes brand. "

Close Up Picture

Aren't these brushes look so pretty? I actually wanted a Pink Brush Set but I was informed by Natta Cosme Staff that it was out of stock so I had to choose between Black or Purple colour. Guessed you all can see which colour did I choose right. 

I would say that these brushers are quite good for starters like me because I'm not a professional at makeup techniques. I'm only know simple day make up so please pardon my skills ya. I love to google up videos found in youtube uploaded by beauty gurus like Michelle Phan, From Head To Toe, Beautify Meeh & Emily Quak but I don't practice them. :-C

Okays, quit babbling & let's get started with my review. 

Cerro Qreen brushes are nicely packed into a small & cute cloth flap pouch with ribbon. It is perfectly travel friendly as you can carry it anywhere. The handle of the brushes are made of wood in white colour. The handle of the brush set are quite sturdy & easy to grip on the hand.

On to the Brushes...
 Powder/ Blush Brush
 Look at it's bristles!

Powder/ Blush Brush
The biggest & the only purple brush in the bunch. It brush is made of goat hair. It is very soft, perfect for applying blusher or powder as it can pick up the blush or powder easily.

Applying blusher onto my cheeks. 

 Lip Brush

Lip Brush
The lip brush comes with a plastic cover. I apply my lip gloss using the lip brush, so far so good as it can draw the shape of my lips flawlessly.

 Large Eyeshadow Brush

Large Eyeshadow Brush
The large eyeshadow brush applies eyeshadow perfectly on the eyelids or on the crease of the eye. It is made of pony hair and its brush is super soft. 

 Small Eyeshadow Brush

Small Eyeshadow Brush
I use the small eyeshadow brush for my lower lash line. It is also made of pony hair. 
Swatches of eyeshadow on my hand using the large (Left) & small (Right) eyeshadow brush. 

 Eyebrow Brush

Eyebrow Brush
The eyebrow brush is made of tiny fiber or synthetic bristles. It may look stiff but it is actually quite soft too. You can see that the brush is slightly angled or slanted, very useful for applying eyebrow powder to beautify your brows. 

 Eyeliner Brush

Eyeliner Brush
This is the thinnest brush among all. You can use this brush to apply cream/ gel eyeliner onto your eyes. Sadly, I don't use cream eyeliner only pencil liner or liquid liner. I should invest in some cream/ gel eyeliner to see how this brush works. 

 Blooming/ Smudge Brush

Blooming/ Smudge Brush
The blooming/ smudge brush is made of high quality sponge. I assume that it is used best for creating smokey eyes.

My Finished Look!!! Pardon My skills ya.

Final Verdict:
  1. I think that it is a good starter brush set for beginners like me.  Not to mention that it is quite affordable too. 
  2. The quality of the brushes are of total good quality. The brushes are soft and it does not hurt your skin while applying make up.
  3. It is easy to carry & travel friendly. Don't forget that it comes with a cute cloth pouch to be keep all your brushes inside.
  4. It is truly fashionable too. You can choose any colours of brush set that you like.
  5. I am really happy & satisfied with these Cerro Qreen Makeup Brush Set.
Are you wondering where to get these Cerro Qreen Makeup Brush Set? 

You can get it at Natta Cosme for the price of RM29.52 for a set of total 7 pieces brushes. Better hurry up & grab them fast as this is promotion price. Normal price for these brushes would be RM36.90. There are so many colours to choose from.

You can follow Natta Cosme's Facebook Page for exclusive updates on discount & promotion. 

If you're tied on a budget & seeking for a cheap & quality make up brushes, you can try these brush set. It covers all the basic make up brushes that you need. I recommend it.

I hope that you enjoy reading & that my review is helpful to you all!

Did you use Cerro Qreen Makeup Brushes before?

What were your first brush set? How did it score? 

I'd love to hear your experiences.

Till then...

**Product was provided from Natta Cosme for reviewing purposes. Thoughts & opinions are based on bloggers own.